Welcome To Essensia®

Essensia® is an experienced and professional agent / bureau / consultant in dealing with any important documents, whether for company, personal, family. We give services such as:

  • BUSINESS LICENSE (Setup new company with/without facility. Alteration extension of project, Activity's report on the capital investment, Representative office, etc.)
  • MANPOWER ISSUES (Report mandatory of employment, Welfare facility for worker, Legalisation of employment agreement, etc.)
  • IMMIGRATION AND CITIZENSHIP DOCUMENTS (New passport, Renew of passport, Duplicate of lost passport, etc.)
  • LAND AND BUILDING AFFAIRS (Principle approval, Location permit, Permit for using land, etc.)
  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHT (Trade mark, Copyright, Industrial design, etc.)
  • CIVIL DOCUMENTARY (Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Child recognition, etc.)
  • TRANSLATION (General translation, Sworn translation)
  • OTHERS (Printing, Souvenir, Instant web design)